The Hobby Generation Club

Has A Sporting Events League and a Game Events League

The Hobby Generation Club has a set of contest games. This club is a way for everyone to enjoy and participate in sporting events whether you’re an athlete or not. The Hobby Generation Club has sports events and competitive game events for your organization. Some sports and competition contests could be indoor or outdoor and performed in front of a live audience. The rules are published in the “Rules of Play”. Our goal is to get you playing and to GET OUT, GET ACTIVE, & MEET NEW PEOPLE! As well, we can even design your team logo. The success of the Hobby Generation Club is based on amateur sports and contests for competition between organizations. The sports and competition clubs are comprised of volunteer members who represent their own organization.


The Tournaments

The Crown Hobby is the main championship of the highest ranking teams from the playoffs and finals. The Finals are called the Maximum Tournament or “MaxTourney” for the sports and the competition events tournaments.


The Business Contents:

The Hobby Generation Club operates alongside other private clubs; they are regulated by and consist of a singular business or a group of businesses. The following level of Hobby Generation Club is operated underneath W.T.E Sportlast, Line Actionlast, Kids Playlast Enterprise Inc. Those are the dominant components of The Hobby Generation Club’s organizations. Most of these private clubs are classified as organizations and have different levels of management. The top level above all of those private organizations and corporations is Cat Royal Gamelast Enterprise Inc.

Ticket info:

The sales of tickets are through an organized by Hobby Generation association. The audience may be small or large in the sports league or competition league. Record attendances are documented by the Hobby Generation.



Hobby Generation Club creates video media coverage for online viewing. Highlights from each event along with winners and best-in-class participants will be showcased through our online live-video feeds. For example, our seasonal golf championship will air on our online channel at -
For event and competition recaps, you can view the Hobby Generation sports press-talk and the Hobby Generation competition press-talk!